Animal Care & Custody Assessment Associates LLC
Animal Care & Custody
Assessment Associates LLC
Animal Care & Custody Assessment Associates Facility and transport/hauler reviews are a process whereby facilities and haulers are evaluated on compliance with ACCAA LLC standards. We assess each facility for the following categories:  Animal Welfare, Management, Housing, Facility Design & Upkeep, Facility Safety & Security, Pest Control, Feed Storage & Sourcing, and Additional Amenities. 

There is an increasing awareness of welfare issues, both on the part of animal care establishments and the consumer, so ACCAA LLC works to help owners and facility owners, respectively:

1) Choose the best facility for your horse  -- best means those that have welfare as the highest priority.
2) Increase awareness for high quality facilities and
3) Improve facilities worldwide.

Assessment Scoring
The assessment  is based on an A, B, or C grade.  When a "+" is used, it means that the facility has undergone an onsite inspection. We have the option for an on-site inspection or a virtual inspection.  Facilities must achieve 75% or greater to receive a rating.

Assessment Fee
We charge a flat rate for each facility assessment of $25 (this is charged each time we assess the facility).  Fees pay for social media promotional posting about your facility and its great score, a national press release, and we also offer phone call or email support to certified facility owners about issues or changes at their facility -- we are here to be a sounding board when you need our assistance.  The fees also help fund ND - NETS -- a program that maintains a list of neighbors and other horse enthusiasts who can help transport or stable your horse during a natural disaster (hurricane, fire, flood, earthquake, and other disasters in your area).

We recommend facility assessments be conducted yearly. 

Our programs also seek to educate facility owners, establish best practices and procedures, ensure that care and custody facilities/haulers follow best practices for safety and we are also here to help horse, dog and cat owners select care facilities that meet industry-accepted standards.